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Buying a house

This portal offers users various alternatives to find the investment property they are looking for, adapting to their preferences in terms of price, location and characteristics. It also offers the advice of Ubicante Group’s experts to facilitate the decision making process.

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Sale of House

The team of experts will guide the client in determining the appropriate price for their property, in addition to coordinating a photography session.

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How can we help you?

  • What do I need to sell my house?

  • What do I need to apply for financing?

  • I want to see the guide to buying a house

Discover how to maximize the value of your home with Ubicante Group’s innovative approach. We offer a 1% reduced listing fee, saving you thousands of dollars on the sale of your home. Our services include transparency, experienced agents, comprehensive marketing, negotiation support and more. Don’t settle for outdated real estate practices; choose us and keep more of your hard-earned equity. Contact us now to start your path to greater financial success.

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Explore financing options to buy your home, whether you are a traditional applicant, an ITIN applicant or prefer owner-to-owner financing. Learn the specific requirements for each type, from necessary documents to down payment details. Start your home buying journey today.

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If you are considering buying your first home or looking for information on how to proceed, this guide will take you on a clear path, from financial planning and financing options to finding the right agent, property tours, submitting offers, inspections, appraisals and closing the transaction.

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