Enrique Cervantes

Founder & CEO

Meet Enrique Cervantes, a real estate agent with more than five years of experience in the Dallas, TX market. He shares his solid knowledge through his blog posts, offering practical insights based on his success in guiding numerous clients through transactions. With a highly personalized approach, his articles provide valuable information for understanding the market, trends and making informed decisions in the dynamic Dallas real estate landscape. If you are looking for reliable and dedicated advice, Enrique’s writings are your go-to reference for staying current in the real estate world.

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Catherine Gerdez

Marketing Specialist

Meet Catherine Andrea Gerdez, a talented copywriter and sales professional from the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela. Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Universidad Central de Venezuela and is fluent in three languages: English, Portuguese and her native Spanish. Her passion lies in creating content on real estate investments in cities around the world, where she diligently analyzes the performance, value and diversity of the property market. Beyond her interests in real estate, Catherine is a fierce advocate for sustainability and the ecological transformation of urban environments. Her unique skills and passions make her a valuable contributor to our real estate blog.