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These listings include homes located in Mesquite, Garland, Pleasant Grove and Balch Springs. If you would like a custom listing in other areas, contact us by phone or text message.

List of homes ranging from $200k – $250k

We invite you to explore a unique selection of homes that fit your budget perfectly! As your dedicated real estate agents, I have prepared a special list of homes ranging from $200,000 to $250,000, offering you attractive and affordable options. From cozy family homes to modern apartments, each property is carefully selected to give you the opportunity to find your ideal home. Contact us today and let’s get started on the road to your new home!

200 a 250mil
250 a 300mil

List of homes ranging from $250k – $300k

We are excited to present you with an exclusive list of homes that fit your budget, priced between $250,000 and $300,000. These properties have been carefully selected to offer you attractive and affordable options. From charming family homes to modern condominiums, each option is a unique opportunity to find the perfect home. Contact us today and let’s explore these exciting possibilities for your next home together!


List of homes $300k and above

Explore these real estate gems that will take your breath away! Our exclusive list of properties includes elegant homes priced from $300,000 and up. Discover the home of your dreams and immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort you deserve – your next real estate adventure starts here!

300mil y mas
casas con amplio estacionamiento

List of homes with expanded parking space

Discover the freedom of space with our properties that offer prime parking. Our list of homes with ample parking redefines convenience for you and your loved ones. Forget about worrying about space for your vehicles and enjoy life without limits – find your new home with the parking you deserve!


Cash investment homes for $200k or less

Immerse yourself in the world of investment opportunities with our exclusive cash investment homes, all for $200,000 or less. Discover the profitability and growth potential in each property. With affordable options that maximize your investment, it’s the perfect time to build your real estate portfolio – take advantage of these exceptional offers today!

Casas de inversion cash de $200mil o menos
Casas con terreno

List of homes with land

Explore a new horizon with our stunning homes that include the added luxury of a generous lot. From lush green spaces to expansive gardens, these properties offer you more than just a home, they offer you a lifestyle. Discover the harmony between the comfort of home and the freedom of the outdoors – find your perfect retreat where home and land merge into the place of your dreams!


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Discover how to maximize the value of your home with Ubicante Group’s innovative approach. We offer a 1% reduced listing fee, saving you thousands of dollars on the sale of your home. Our services include transparency, experienced agents, comprehensive marketing, negotiation support and more. Don’t settle for outdated real estate practices; choose us and keep more of your hard-earned equity. Contact us now to start your path to greater financial success.

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Explore financing options to buy your home, whether you are a traditional applicant, an ITIN applicant or prefer owner-to-owner financing. Learn the specific requirements for each type, from necessary documents to down payment details. Start your home buying journey today.

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If you are considering buying your first home or looking for information on how to proceed, this guide will take you on a clear path, from financial planning and financing options to finding the right agent, property tours, submitting offers, inspections, appraisals and closing the transaction.

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